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Lucas Niggli - drums/percussion


Lucas Niggli NEW BIG ZOOM -  A Sonic Seismologist01.03.2012 / The New York City Jazz Record
Lucas Niggli NEW BIG ZOOM
A Sonic Seismologist

On Polisation Lucas Niggli propels his Big Zoom quintet through a powerful set of lightly scaffolded improvisations. ...The group’s sound falls somewhere between a Grateful Dead-esque space jam and the pointillist timbral experimentation of Edgard Varèse. A sonic seismologist, Niggli shifts musical textures like tectonic plates, creating murmurs, tremors, even full-magnitude ‘ear(th) quakes’, particularly on the epic closing track, where mercurial musical moodswings create an unsettling outerworldly effect reminiscent of a Twilight Zone score.

Tom Greenland